No-Oatmeal Oatmeal Cookies (TJK)

If we’re talking about the most important thing about making oatmeal cookies, we could go many ways. The add-ins, white vs. brown sugar, white to wheat flour ratios, letting them cool on the pan vs. off… But do you know what the actual most important thing about oatmeal cookies is?

The oatmeal. Not the kind. Just putting it in there.

I made oatmeal cookies the other day in a rush. I had worked my overnight shift the night before (11pm-730am) and the baby factory had been a-crankin’ (I work postpartum in a busy metro-area hospital). When I woke up around 3pm or so the next day, I couldn’t move. Get up and go right downstairs to my loved ones, the hubs and the babe? Waste a half hour (okay an hour) and low-key anxiety-scroll through social media? Take a shower and attempt to act human again?

Sleep deprivation or even just an interrupted Circadian rhythm is no joke, peeps. Just FYI I was able to rescue the oatmeal-less cookies after only a minute or two of baking time, scrape them back into my trusty KitchenAid, and rectify things. Cookies turned out pretty yummy and chocolate-y throughout because of the melted chipz also (score).

PS, I’m so very lucky for my job. At the risk of sounding Polly Anna, I love it. I went back to school to get my (entry-level) Master’s degree in nursing at 29 just so I could enter into the profession. I got my first choice, maternal/newborn health, as far as what department I started in. Other people worried at me about starting in women’s health care and being stuck and I never once thought they sounded anything but ridiculous. I’m also part of a strong nurses union and get a pension – a crazy deal for us late Gen X-ers/early millenials, huh?

But this night thing, man. Continue reading “No-Oatmeal Oatmeal Cookies (TJK)”

MomScout Book Review : Dr. Sheryl Ziegler’s “Mommy Burnout”

The title is a little ominous and the reality a little scarier – “mommy burnout” is real, people! After reading Dr. Sheryl Ziegler’s book of the same name (Dey St./William Morrow, 2018) I’m convinced (and maybe a little freaked out) – moms everywhere are at risk!

Ziegler is a clinical child psychologist but felt moved to write this book when she noticed something about some moms who were bringing in their littles ones to see her. As individuals, they were exhibiting a small constellation of similar anxiety/depression-related symptoms that the author finally decided to name. DSM-approved the term “mommy burnout” is not, BUT as a practical term it works great.

As a new-ish mom to a 14 month-old wonder girl and another one on the way (Lord help us) it felt good to not be alone… Continue reading “MomScout Book Review : Dr. Sheryl Ziegler’s “Mommy Burnout””

MomScout Book Review: Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bébé

Before you’ve read on in this book review of Pamala Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bébé, before you’ve made a judgement on how well I know my parental stuff – let me stop you.  My babe is only coming up on a year, I’m addicted to parenting books in general, AND I am also, now admittedly…a Francophile. 

Though I completely lost it, at 6 years old, at my first group French lesson (or perhaps because of it) I have always been attracted to the culture. I relish the fact that my grandma Esther, though I never knew her, gave me a respectable 25% of French-heritage blood running through these little Midwestern veins. When choosing between Spanish or French in middle and high school, the choice was clear. My first *ahem* true love was also a French person during a three week high school cultural exchange and, well, the list goes on.

I admire the French style of cooking, French beauty (Chloé! Dior!), and even, it appears, the French way of parenting outlined in Bringing Up Bébé. With it’s emphasis on encouraging development that ultimately (hopefully) gives us thoughtful, logical, well-mannered little people…it was hard to not be attracted to the idea.

It was one of those books that disappoints you as soon as you start it because you know you’re going to finish it off so soon…  Continue reading “MomScout Book Review: Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bébé”