My name is Alex Maland and I am the head writer and creator of MomScout, est. March 2018.

I jumped into this whole blogging endeavor when I became a new mom myself and realized that with my background and professional experience, I might have a unique and perhaps interesting or helpful perspective on all things postpartum…and beyond! (ha ha). I thought this because after graduating with a degree in English from a great all-womens college in 2006, I went back to school and earned my Masters of Science in Nursing at the ripe old age of 29 and was lucky enough to get my first job pick right out of the program – on a busy postpartum unit in an even busier metro hospital!

I love taking care of moms and babies, and being there to help and educate on breastfeeding, self-care, and the basics of taking care of a new infant – it always turns into so much more than just diapers and bottles…

Having “privileged presence” while new families come into being and evolve is a joy for me. It’s also pretty funny sometimes (giant pads! silicone pasties!) and gave me some really valuable insight into the whole messy, beautiful, heart-wrenching deal before I had one of my own…and Fiona was born in May 2017!

Fast forward to August 2018 and we’re pregnant with #2 (#twoundertwo, Lord help us).

With this blog I seek to bring out the best in every reader whether they’re looking for mindfulness strategies, a place to read about about the nasty realities of mamahood in a non-judgemental place, or simply the latest parenting book to page through during little one’s next nap time.

I believe in the strength and power of united and empowered mamas, and want to give mamas of all shapes, sizes, and colors a feminist, fun, and forgiving place to THRIVE.