Smooth Like Butter: Apple Butter.

When Little One started getting older, around 4-5 months, we started thinking about foods. At least I did – the Significant Other was affably all ears but was also perfectly fine with me steering the ship. Probably because it’s de rigeur, I first connected with “Baby Led Weaning” (letting baby choose from an array of solids with no hands-on help from ‘rents) and went from there.

Eventually we settled into a rhythm of “BLW” plus some purees, some help with feeding, but mostly letting Baby Fifi guide us with how she wanted to start eating solids. It’s an exhilarating thing (at least for this over-eager home chef) to help someone try, say, lox for the first time (loved) or avocado (not so much).

My biggest caveat throughout her introductory phase into foods (and through now – she was 11 months yesterday!) is that she eat whole, unprocessed foods and as much from scratch as possible. Preservatives, chemicals, unnatural nutrients from “food-like substances” that aren’t optimal for our cells to simply metabolize…no thank you. I’ve always been the primary cook in our household and it’s how I’ve chosen to nourish SO and myself as well.

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