In Defense of the Postpartum Mom

I love new moms. There I said it.

Moms who breastfeed their babies, moms who exclusively formula feed…moms who are on baby number four and moms who have actually just taken on the role.The creation of a family, however that looks, is beautifully profound. Moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, community members, cousins…and there, at the center of it, is a beautiful new mom and baby-child.

That dynamic duo…they’ve just been through a lot! Even the smoothest of deliveries (and even adoptions) come with a certain amount of stress.

For instance:

That long, slow-moving pregnancy, full of anticipation and maybe a little fear; the burst of energy right before delivery that many women experience; the delivery (dear God, the delivery).

In the immediate weeks postpartum, women and their babies (and to an extent their partners) need a particular brand of support that few seem to actually receive – but is very, very simple… Continue reading “In Defense of the Postpartum Mom”